Most enterprise threats today are distributed via EMail. That’s why you need a solution that is robust, easy to use, and uses cutting edge technologies to clean up your EMail flow.

Say hello to Halon. Integrating a flexible SMTP engine together with open source technologies and some of the best Threat Mitigation engines, Halon delivers unrivalled  security services at a very low price.

Available either as an on-premise solution or as a fully hosted solution.

Key features of Halon include :

  • Scriptable email security : if you can script it, Halon can do it !
  • Multiple AntiMalware engines : using the best providers (CYREN, Sophos) and ClamAV. That’s THREE antimalware technologies !
  • Multiple AntiSpam engines : flexible choice of CYREN RPD Technology, with SpamHaus and Spamassassin integration
  • DKIM, SPF, DANE, DMARC support
  • Supports IPv6 natively, too !

Read more on Halon’s Website :

Give it a try – we’ll be happy to provide you with a free test drive for a month on our infrastructure. Contact us today :

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